Deadlands block
Visionary Select – Licensed – PG-13 – Horror / Western

Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment are proud to bring one of the world’s most beloved RPG series to comics!


Deadlands, the game that defined the Weird West, mixing elements of the classic Western with Horror and Steampunk to create a unique world of monsters, myths, magic and gunslingers! Now that world explodes into comics courtesy of the Visionary Select line.

What A Mans Got To DoRead an original Deadlands short story webcomic – NOW!



Explore the Deadlands world like never before in these classic one-shots, featuring top talent from the comics industry! Journey into the Weird West, and make sure to hold on to your hat!

The Kid: Origins
C. Edward Sellner
Ale Aragon / Oscar Capristo

This special brings Billy the Kid to DEADLANDS! Twelve years old, family wiped out, and all alone in the middle of the wild Weird West… hunted by werewolves. Grab a gun, there’s killin’ to be done!

The print backup series collected in its own special edition.

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Black Water
Jeff Mariotte
Brook Turner / C. Edward Sellner

Black Water weaves a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and maybe a sea monster or two,  as a wealthy man searches the Great Maze for the beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams for decades.


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Death Was Silent
Ron Marz
Bart Sears / Michael Atiyeh

A silent bounty hunter rides into a remote town, but the town holds dark secrets that may turn the hunter into the hunted.



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Massacre At Red Wing
Jimmy Palmiotti / Justin Gray
Lee Moder / Michael Atiyeh

‘Massacre at Red Wing’ tells the story of Clementime, a warrior woman who journeys south in search of her mother, swearing to kill anyone and anything that gets in the way.



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The Devil’s Six Gun
David Gallaher / Steve Ellis

This issue tells the story of inventor Copernicus Blackburne, who risks even his immortal soul in his Faustian quest to build ‘The Devil’s Six-Gun!’


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