Visionary Convention Tour 2014!

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Visionary will be attending our two mainstay shows this year!

GENCON INDY – August 14th-17th
Visionary Co-Founders C. Edward Sellner and Charlie Hall will be in attendance, as we join up once more with Pinnacle Entertainment for a great Deadlands show! Books will be on sale, and we’ll be announcing all the latest on the comics, books and new TV series!

BALTIMORE COMIC-CON – September 5th-7th
This year will be our biggest Baltimore show ever! Headlocked will be the star of the show, with the latest TPB Headlocked: The Last Territory available, and special guest Jerry “The King” Lawler in attendance! Series creator Mike Kingston will be your host!

Saturday, September 6th
- High Noon Partner!
Join us for an exclusive BCC Panel event, as we roll out all the latest news on Deadlands, from comics, upcoming novels and the recently announced TV show in development.

More show details, exclusives and announcements for both shows will be rolling out over the next few weeks! Stay tuned!


Welcome to a Visionary Summer!

CMYK_LogoEver worked hard on something for a long time, wondering if it would ever pay off? Ever wondered if you really could live your dreams and make it real?

This summer, and the rest of this year is going to be that payoff for Visionary! A lot of the groundwork we’ve been laying for the last several years is coming together in exciting new opportunities that just keep getting bigger and better, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We’ve hinted at it over the last few months, planted a few teasers, but now, its time, time to start slowly pulling the curtain back on everything coming!

This won’t just be the big payoff for us, but also for all our fans out there, the ones who’ve rooted for us, and supported us in all our efforts, from our digital sales, to loyal convention fans, to our wonderful Kickstarter supporters. You folks have made this happen, so we hope you enjoy it all!

Join us on our main site, and all our ancillary sites, blogs, social networking etc. as we overhaul our look, our content, our brand, and start rolling out the best year ever! We’ll be running new features, posting new content, teasers for new comics, and be doing contests, giveaways and other promotional fun all to get everyone as excited as we are.

This is going to be truly Visionary!

Visionary’s LIVE @ Phoenix Comic-Con!

Phoenix CCVisionary is proud to launch its 2014 Convention Schedule with the fantastic Phoenix Comic-Con, happening June 5-8th at the Phoenix Convention Center! While Visionary itself will not have a booth at this show, our Publishing Consultant Jeff Mariotte is an official guest of the convention, and our own CCO C. Edward Sellner will be doing a whirlwind tour of panels for the show including a spotlight panel on Deadlands, with special guests, Shane Hensley, and Seanan McGuire. Details below, including links to the convention site.

Spotlight: Deadlands: The Weird West’s Wild Future!
Join Deadlands creator Shane Hensley, authors Jeff Mariotte and Seanan McGuire, and Visionary CCO C. Edward Sellner for all the latest on Deadlands developments! We’ll be spotlighting the history and development of the original game, new content on the horizon for that, as well as updates and new announcements for the line of comics from Visionary, the new line of novels from Tor books, and the latest developments on the new X-Box live-action series!

Join C. Edward Sellner at the following panels for the show:
Adapting License Properties to Comics
Friday 1:30pm – North 130

Join a guest panel sharing insights on bringing hit properties from other media into comics!

Creating Professional Indy Comics from the Ground-Up
Friday 6:00pm – North 128B
Learn how to make your indy comic professional grade!

During Your Kickstarter: Make the Most Of It
Saturday 12:00pm – North 130

Learn tips and tricks to making your Kickstarter a success!

After Your Kickstarter: Fulfilling Your Commitment
Sunday 10:30am – North 130
Tips on following up once you make the campaign happen!

Spirituality in Comics
Sunday 1:30pm – North 129A

Sellner joins superstar Chris Claremont on a panel about the exploration of spirituality in the comics medium!

Full-Time Creator Full-Time Career
Sunday 3:00pm – North 130
Tips on how to balance that dream to get into comics with a full-time life and responsibilities.

Find Jeff Mariotte’s Panel Schedule on his Guest Page.

Join us for a weekend of fun at Phoenix! We’ll be announcing other shows in coming weeks so stay tuned!

Pardon Our Virtual Dust

Hey Visionary fans! You may have noticed our site just underwent a major overhaul! The revamp is to add functionality and feature content that is all part of our Next Stage Evolution we’ll be rolling out all through 2014. We’ll be in the process of reformatting all our main site content over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if things seem a little ‘off’ for the time being.

However, that being said, the new format will allow our site to render optimally for computers and devices, including your phone or tablet.

And the new theme will also be allowing us to launch our…

Oh, wait, I can’t mention details yet, but yeah, the new site is in part to launch our next BIG thing!

Meet Visionary’s 2014 Interns!

Cathy Dougherty In 2012 Visionary launched its first, official internship program in conjunction with its Comic Creation Course at Anne Arundel Community College. Two classes of interns joined, for a total of six interns, and together the group had nearly a full year of down and dirty comic creation experience!

The program was part of our Digital Publishing Initiative and gave aspiring professionals an opportunity to work on actual comic book publishing, submissions review, project management and development. They also received one-on-one supervision and training in creative skills, managing freelance work, and developing their own projects.

SarahWhen Visionary scaled back the Digital Publishing Initiative at the end of that year, the program was closed down as part of the re-organization.

However, Visionary is proud to announce that it has resumed its internship program as of 2014 with a slightly different focus. The new program will be a little more lean and mean, with fewer slots, and an increased focus on developing hard skills and active work on actual projects. Two candidates have already joined the program, and are already working on paid, professional projects, doing writing, color flatting, and editing work, all under CCO supervision. Meet Cathy Dougherty (actually returning from the 2012 class) and Sarah Louise Patterson, who is introducing Visionary to the world of cosplay!

We here at Visionary Central think you’ll be hearing a lot from these ladies as time goes by, and we’re very excited to have them on board. Check out all the details on our Staff Page.

A Warm Welcome to the Newest Member of the Visionary Family!

Our Ace Production Chief, Jacob Bascle, has produced something more than our latest comics! He and Katie Bardo have produced a son, Xander Grayson Bascle, born early this morning, February 9th! Mommy and baby are doing well, we assume Jacob is hanging in there as well. We here at Visionary extend a warm welcome to the world! With a middle name like Grayson, and a first name starting with an “X” this kid HAS to have a future in comics, right?

Happy New Year!

2014 New Year

From all of us at the Visionary Comics’ family to all of you and your families, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year! May it truly be a VISIONARY year for all of us, one filled with great times and new beginnings!

We can’t wait to show you what’s coming from us this year! It just may be our best year ever!

Deadlands block

Deadlands Sale 25% OFF! This Weekend ONLY!

Deadlands block

If you haven’t checked out the fantastic world of Deadlands Comics yet, this is the perfect weekend to start! We’re running a special 25% off sale at Drive-Thru Comics this weekend only! Each issue is just $1.50! Get the whole classic run of one-shots from superstar creators like Ron Marz, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Bart Sears, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Jeff Mariotte and others! Check out our Deadlands Comics page for more details on each hit issue!

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Deadlands Raven by MoonlightGet caught up on anything you missed, because early 2014 will see the weekly release of the latest Deadlands series: RAVEN!
Written by C. Edward Sellner and Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter, with art by Greg LaRocque and Sellner, this series is an epic western dark fantasy that will reveal the ultimate origins of the Deadlands Universe! Here’s a sneak peek at the cover art to issue #1! That’s five issues, weekly, early 2014, from Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment! Check back here for details!

First Tease of the New

While we are busy behind the scenes, laying the groundwork to begin rolling out a ton of new content in the new year, we thought you might like a very quick glimpse of things to come! With the able help of our fantastic new Web Guru Christiaan Conover, we put together a brand new intro for our feature videos. This will become our trademark opening from here on, and we could not be more thrilled!

Making Comics for a Digital World

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